Additional notes can be changed or added regarding your headache episode.

Your headache details are stored and always available to you.

View your headache archive on the calendar to identify headache frequency or associated patterns.

MigrnX™ offers the Migraine Disability Assessment (MIDAS) to determine the extent to which your migraines may be affecting your daily life. A history of your past assessments are stored to share with your care provider.

Before your next appointment, create a report of your migraine history including frequency of headaches and medication usage, as well as MIDAS score history.

Find out more about the MIDAS test

  • Other Features

    Migraine-friendly interface

    Create an account in under 5 minutes

    Record a complete migraine in just four clicks

    Get accurate count of total monthly episodes

    Easy medication management

    Link episodes to your calendar to chart the influence of scheduled events

Track menstrual cycle

Automated trigger recording

Create a PDF of your headache record and MIDAS history

Eliminates the need for a paper headache diary

Exceptional ease-of-use improves diary accuracy and treatment outcomes