Frequently Asked Questions

Download + Installation

Download + Installation

How do I download MigrnX™?

You can download the MigrnX™ System for free from either the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store.

How can I view the privacy policy?

The privacy policy can be viewed by clicking here.

Why should I use MigrnX™?

MigrnX™ system allows you to collect data relevant to a migraine episode with a push of a button. Episodes are linked to the environment to identify potential triggers and patterns in medication use. The data can be stored for both the patient and clinician and can be provided to your clinician through your electronic medical record to evaluate treatment effectiveness and modify as needed.

How much does it cost to use MigrnX™?

The app is free from the iPhone and Google Play app store.

I do not have an access code.

As of right now, we are restricting access through certain health care systems. This is critical for our migraine management system, as we work with hospitals to maximize the impact to both clinicians and patients. We ask that you please contact your healthcare provider to get an access code. If he or she is not familiar with MigrnX™, they should contact us at

What is the MIDAS test?

The Migraine Disability Assessment (MIDAS) can be used by your physician to determine the extent to which your migraines may be affecting your daily life. You will automatically be prompted to answer five questions during set up and subsequently every three months. A history of your past assessments is stored to share with your physician. Find out more about MIDAS here.

My Account

Can I login to my MigrnX™ account from another mobile device?

Yes, you can log in to your account using your email address and password on any iOS or Android device with the app downloaded.

Can I change the email address associated with my MigrnX™ account?

Sorry, this feature is not available at this time.

Can I change my password?

Yes, click on your profile then select Change Password. Enter your current password, then your new password and click Change Password.

I forgot my password.

Click on “Forgot my password” on the log in page where you will be directed to enter the email associated with your account. You will receive email instructions to retrieve your password.

How do I log out?

Click on the profile tab on the bottom of the page, then click “logout”.

What do the icons on the bottom mean?

How do I link a provider to my account?

Click on the Profile tab on the bottom of the page, then click on Provider link. You will then be instructed to enter the access code given to you by your provider.


How often do I take the MIDAS test?

The MIDAS questionnaire will prompt you to answer five questions upon registering a new account. You will then be asked to retake the MIDAS questionnaire every 3 months.

How do I turn my notifications on?

A notification will be sent as a reminder to add the end time of your episode approximately 24 hours after a recorded headache. If you are not receiving these notifications, you can turn them on from your phone settings.

Download step-by-step iPhone instructions here.

Record a Headache

What information does MigrnX™ gather regarding my headache?

By simply recording an episode, MigrnX™ system automatically gathers your location, the current time, light frequency and intensity, weather, ambient noise, and barometric pressure.* In addition, it can track severity of pain and medication through manual entry.

*This information may not be available on some phones and operating systems.

Can I turn off GPS and the sound sensors?

Yes. To turn off the sensors go under your profile and click Settings. Toggle the switch to turn the sensors off or on.

My phone is not recording the weather.

Firstly, ensure that your sensors are turned on: Under your profile, click on settings and toggle the sensors on. Still having problems? Poor connection may result in the inability to record weather. Lastly, some phones and operating systems may not record the weather or barometric pressure. If you have a question about your phone specifically, send us an email at

What is the difference between Weather and Environmental sensors?

Weather is calculated using your GPS location and estimates the temperature, humidity, and pressure from your local weather station. Environmental Sensors record the ambient air pressure in the air surrounding you.

How do I add or change a start or end time to a recent headache?

Click on the “Migraine Record” tab at the bottom of the page. Select the headache you wish to edit, click “Edit” on the top right hand corner and select the field you wish to change. Once finished, click done.

How do I record a headache that lasts for multiple days?

If a headache lasts for more than one day, you can input the start and end times and MigrnX™ System will automatically account for each headache day. You also have the option to record a new headache each day. Either way, the number of migraine days will be accounted for.

My pain level changes over the course of my headache, how do I record that?

At this time, we do not have the ability to show a change in pain level. We suggest that you select your highest pain level in your headache record. You have the option to record separate headaches to indicate a change in pain level, or you can explain the changes in the notes section of your headache record.

Why do I get a notification asking me to add information regarding a recent headache?

A notification will be sent as a reminder to add the end time of your episode approximately 24 hours after a recorded headache.

I’ve recorded 2 headaches today, although my headache counter only shows 1.

The headache counter on the home page shows headache days, rather than number of headaches. To view your recorded headaches, you can either click on My Records or view them on the calendar.


How do I add a new medication?

You can add a new medication by clicking on your profile, then selecting My Medication. In the upper right hand corner, click Add Med. Start typing in the name of your medication in the search bar. If your medication does not appear, click Add New Medication and indicate dosage. Click Save.

You also have the ability to add a new medication while recording a headache. On the medication page, select Add Med in the upper right hand corner and begin typing the name of your medication in the search bar. If your medication does not appear, click Add New Medication and indicate dosage. Click Save. To finish recording your headache, click Medication in the upper left hand corner.

How can I delete a medication?

To delete a medication, click on your profile then select My Medication. Click on the trash can next to the medication that you wish to delete, then select OK.

Generate a Report

Can I generate a report of my headache record?

Yes, you are able to generate a report of your headache history by clicking on “My Records”, then selecting the PDF icon in the upper right hand corner. Indicate the date range that you would like to include.

How can I send my headache report to my physician?

After you generate your PDF report, you have the option to print your report or email it to yourself.

If you are a patient of Atrium Health, you can send your report to your physician through MyCarolinas. Simply create a new Health Message, select your physician that you wish to send it to, and attach the PDF report to the message. Download step-by-step directions here.

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